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Board Members


The JPA Board of Directors is comprised of one member from each of the provider and non-provider fire districts, one member from CAL FIRE Emergency Command Center AEU and one member from Marshall Medical Center. Each member of the JPA Board of Directors is appointed to the JPA Board by the individual fire district Board of Directors or from the agency they represent for a period of no less than two years. The Board of Directors meets on a bi-monthly schedule unless a special meeting is called. A transporting member agency is responsible for the operation of at least one ambulance and receives funds from the JPA to operate the ambulance within CSA7. A non-transporting member agency does not operate an ambulance; however they may receive some funds for the purchase of medical supplies and training of their personnel. All of the fire district member agencies respond to medical aids utilizing fire apparatus staffed full time, part time or by volunteer firefighters, EMTs and Paramedics. The Board of Directors is responsible for the development of an annual budget, establishing policies, procedures, oversight and giving overall policy direction to the Executive Director.

May contain: truck, vehicle, transportation, and van